Martial Art of Self

Hosted ByAldin Hrvat

In this personal journey, I am re-defining what has mostly become Martial Arts for me in my mind and bringing it back to (my)Self – seeing where and how I can apply the essence of it into everyday moments and things in life.

A part of the Martial Art of Self process is investigating and re-defining the system and principles of martial arts, and bringing it back to (my)Self. I use martial arts to understand and expand myself as a being, as an individual.

Episode 3: What Is Your Relationship To Martial Arts? – Part 2

In this episode of the Martial Art of Self, we continue with the question “What is my relationship to martial arts?” We dive into the self-inquiry process and how one must make an active choice to challenge one’s own current understanding and views of martial arts.

There is no sense to continue the journey of self-inquiry if one is not honest with oneself in totality. The good, bad and ugly must be embraced and looked at to gain clarity on oneself and see beyond the constructed box one has built for oneself.

It is possible to use martial arts as a tool to conduct additional methods and applications of self-investigation for self-discovery. It is also possible to use the physical body to your advantage for self-expression. We explore more on these points today – so get ready!

Music by Fidelis Spies

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