Martial Art of Self

Hosted ByAldin Hrvat

In this personal journey, I am re-defining what has mostly become Martial Arts for me in my mind and bringing it back to (my)Self – seeing where and how I can apply the essence of it into everyday moments and things in life.

A part of the Martial Art of Self process is investigating and re-defining the system and principles of martial arts, and bringing it back to (my)Self. I use martial arts to understand and expand myself as a being, as an individual.

Episode 4: What Are You Committed To And Invested Into?

In this episode of Martial Art of Self, we discuss personal commitment and investment for self. I share my observations on when I started questioning my purpose with martial arts when I kept doing the same exercises over and over. I could not figure out why I was doing what I was doing. I started having lots of doubts about my relationship with martial arts.

Martial arts, like so many other tools, can be used as an aid to support the best of you in this life. It is possible to create a better version of yourself through the system and principles of martial arts.

I share with you how I decided for myself the type of words I applied in my training, the exercises I used when I went into resistance, and what I had to do to re-invest in myself.

Music by Fidelis Spies

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