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The Questions You Ask Define the Answers You Get

Ask, and you shall receive Revelations of the truth start with the right questions. I asked many specific questions about me and things, without which the answer that transformed,...

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When Feelings and Emotions Fail as Motivators

This blog post is part of the Podcast Episode 1: Exercise, Willpower & Self-Principle. Emotions & feelings as motivators During one of my training sessions, I have discovered and...

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The Martial Arts Personality, Part 1

(Find the podcast episode of this blog post here.) Recently I have observed how I have come to define myself mainly based on the practice of martial arts, and...

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Martial Arts Is A Process To Self And Not The Ultimate Goal

To me Martial Arts is not about fighting. It is not sparring and winning. It is not fighting and winning. It is not building strength, power, agility, incredible speed....

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