Martial Art of Self

Hosted ByAldin Hrvat

In this personal journey, I am re-defining what has mostly become Martial Arts for me in my mind and bringing it back to (my)Self – seeing where and how I can apply the essence of it into everyday moments and things in life.

A part of the Martial Art of Self process is investigating and re-defining the system and principles of martial arts, and bringing it back to (my)Self. I use martial arts to understand and expand myself as a being, as an individual.

Episode 1: Exercise, Willpower & Self-Principle

In the very first episode of the Martial Art of Self podcast, I share my personal insights and realizations when it comes to exercise, willpower and self-principle. We explore the following questions: Is it possible to push through the laziness, lethargy, and resistance towards training? Can it be that we can create a motivation point within ourselves that can move through negative emotions?

I believe that exercise within martial arts is not only a tool for building physical strength, but self-character. One can take all the words within martial arts and philosophy (such as strength and power) and apply it to other aspects of our lives – making martial arts an integral part of us.

To become self-motivated and develop the strength to meet many internal resistances and challenges towards training and growing ourselves is absolutely possible. In this episode I explain what has worked for me and how I am living it.

Music by Fidelis Spies

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